LeadSak helps companies grow through multi-channel prospecting. We start with highly accurate research (95% or above), then provide lead generation and outbound sales processes to produce qualified appointments with our client’s ideal customers with predictable results. We support sales and marketing teams by providing personalized lead research, data enrichment and account based insights.

We take over all time-consuming tasks to give back time to your teams, so they can focus on high-value activities, and reach their targets and goals. We do not just build simple lists; we perform complex research to find personalized data points that will help you create targeted and personalized email outreach messages. We also work together with you to help you create the best outbound strategy that will bring you the desired results.

Our Core Services -

✔️ LinkedIn Marketing

✔️ LinkedIn Sales Navigator Marketing

✔️ Digital Marketing

✔️ Podcast Marketing

✔️ B2B Lead List Building

✔️ B2B Lead Generation

✔️ B2B Marketing

✔️ B2B Sales Lead

✔️ B2B Prospecting

️ Email Marketing

️ SaaS Services Marketing

️ Email Outreach Campaign

️ Internet Research

️ Business Development

️ Sales Development

️ Lead Generation

️ Lead List Building

️ Large Database Creation

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