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LeadSak is a full-service lead generation company that focuses on driving results via effective and measurable solutions. We partner with our clients to develop their sales plans and set up winning appointments for your sales team. We work with our clients to raise their brand awareness, generate more sales opportunities, and maximize their sales budget ROI.

My name is Shahidul A. Khan and I have been engaged in Lead Generation for most of my career. My 15 years’ experience has taught me one particularly important fact; the ONLY effective activity for growing any business is Direct Selling.

When I talk about Direct Selling – I mean directly contacting or speaking to a lead or prospect. Years ago, we used to call it door knocking, and salespeople would physically knock on 100 or more doors per day. Before I lose you – I am not asking you to go out and physically knock on the doors – because you do not need to anymore.

Today – business to business door knocking is done in digital communities, like LinkedIn and other various social media outlets, and the same proven direct sales principles apply. When you “knock on a door” and someone answers, you have a direct sales opportunity. The process can be fast and ugly – but it works. Why does it work? Because prospecting is a numbers game – and the numbers never lie.

Here is a look at the numbers: The odds say If you knock on 100 doors, at least 30 will open for you. Those 30 people will hear your pitch. From those 30 prospects, the numbers prove consistently that you will produce one sale.

LeadSak uses these same metrics to produce similar results in the digital business community.

We knock on 75-125 doors on LinkedIn every day by sending customized mes-sages to your target market. And the same numbers apply; An average of 100 connection invites (knocks) will get 30 people to open their virtual doors or con-nect. Immediately following a successful connection, now we introduce you to your new prospect with the right message and tone to initiate engagement.

A well-crafted message to the right target market on LinkedIn consistently generates positive engagement day in and day out.

How does this benefit you? LinkedIn inbox marketing will help you to sell directly to your prospects. We help you build a consistent pipeline of fresh new leads by helping you building rapport with prospects faster, resulting in customer relationships that contribute to increased revenue and profitability for your company.

We also have a “Done-for-You” service which is about creating targeted lead lists based on your given search criteria using LinkedIn Sales Navigator which can be used for email outreach campaign. This is another effective method of Direct Selling.

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